How to Adapt Your VRchat Avatar to HapticHub?

The software parameters have been updated, please replace all Left ankle parts with Left Foot in the tutorial images.
This tutorial is for users who have the basic knowledge of changing VRChat models using Unity, if you haven't learnt how to change models yet, you can send this tutorial to your modeller. You can also contact a modder that works with HIGVR to modify the model.

Create a new empty object at the bone where you want to add the new controller, in this tutorial we will use Left Foot as an example.
Add the parameter HapticHub/v1/LeftAnkle to the FX layer of the model (the somatosensory module parameters don't take up the sync parameters, so they don't need to be added to the sync parameters)
① Click Add in the Collision Tag field to add the type of collider that can trigger the vibrator. Usually it can be Hand and Foot, you can also create other colliders as needed.
② Allow Self and Allow Others in Flitering can set this receiver to be triggered only by itself, only by others, or both.
③ In Receiver, set the Trigger Type to Proximity, and fill in the HapticHub parameter in Parameter, the vibration point demonstrated in the tutorial is Left Foot, so here we fill in HapticHub/v1/LeftFoot.
Add the parameter HapticHub/v1/LeftFoot to the FX layer of the model (the somatosensory module parameter does not take up the synchronisation parameter, so it does not need to be added to the synchronisation parameter)
Now you're done adding the left foot and ankle vibration module triggers, upload the model and use it in conjunction with launching HapticHub and setting the vibrator in the appropriate position to Left Foot.